BM 900

Get a $500 rebate when you buy a BM 900 slit lamp.

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BM 900

There are a lot of slit lamps to choose from, but only one legendary Haag-Streit BM 900. The industry’s gold standard for more than 55 years, we just made it a better investment than ever. You get:

  • A $500 rebate on every BM 900 you purchase.
  • Our 10-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Long-lasting performance that could run beyond the life of your practice.

Benefits of owning the BM 900 slit lamp:

Integrated electronic flash

10-Year Limited Warranty

We are fully committed to the quality of our slit lamps. Every one comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Mirror housing

Stereoscopic Microscope

The BM 900 slit lamp is a convergent, stereoscopic microscope offering short observer-to-patient distances and 10x and 16x magnifications.

Shutter release

Ultra-Precision 8mm Slit

Highest quality manufacturing results in a superb view, allowing accurate diagnostics and safe patient treatment.



55 years and 100,000 users later, the dependable BM 900 is still regarded as a valuable partner for your practice.

Thank you for your interest in the BM 900.

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